EE Car Kits is all about cool gadgets that you can either do them yourself or buy already assembled and tested. The Car kits in this website are focused on the idea of customizing your baby on wheels, so we offer kits like the BMW KBUS/IBUS interface that lets you hook up into your car's data bus.

We love electronics and enjoy coming up with new ideas or just cheaper ones. The list of different kits available will grow as time permits, so check back often or follow us on twitter to track any updates.

If you have any ideas for new kits related to Car interfaces, Car sensors and other Car gadgets that you would like to have, please send us an email at and we'll look into it.

Here are some of our most popular Car kits:

[ Apr 20, 2011 ]

Our new IBUS USB v2 boards are finally available! Read more...

[ Dec 14, 2010 ]

Our IBUS USB (v2) boards are coming.

[ Aug 25, 2010 ]

We are now on twitter as @EEDesignKits!